One of the greatest challenges facing people of Black and African descent is the silence and stigma surrounding breast cancer. It is our goal to break through that silence through stories share by CBBC members about their journey through and surviving. breast cancer. That is what our tagline, Share your Story is all about - education, awareness and support.

Watch the feature film documentary, What Breast Cancer Leaves Behind. Hear personal insights from breast cancer survivors Saundra Tinsley, Gina Bowser, Mieko Vernon, Charla Clicquot, and others. CBBC co-founders Marion Kelly and Michele Halyard, MD, shares their personal testimony about how the coalition began. Dr. Halyard shares her mother's battle with breast cancer and her dedication to finding a cure. Caretakers tell of the emotional fulfillment of supporting family and friends through the journey. The film conveys the good, bad and ugly of breast cancer, the internal and external scars, and the monumental hurdles to overcome, and the respect gained in every single day of life and breath. We hope What Breast Cancer Leaves Behind will inspire you to get involved and support the cause.