I am a “Cancer Conqueror”

Dr. Joel Martin

In March 2009, I received the diagnosis that I had breast cancer. The cancer was small yet aggressive, the cells widely distributed. When I learned the difference between alkaloid foods and acidic, the way I’d eaten in the past, I was shocked. My doctor advised me to switch immediately and I did, although it took some getting used to – veggies and fruit, cut the red meat and fried foods – I “had’ to.

It is ironic. I’m a transformational trainer, speaker and coach. Here is the comfort my friend Susan gave me: “Sometimes we become so focused on the outer work–what we feel we must do for others and to stay afloat–that we forget our Self and are unfair to our body. Until it calls a halt. And this is always a gift.”

My husband Bob was phenomenal in taking care of me. He went to every doctor’s appointment, remembered for me when my mind went numb and shored me up mentally and physically for those painful walks. (My recovery included four unsuccessful reconstruction attempts and shingles – both very painful.)

I am grateful for him and my daughter, the prayers, my church, and the friends who made sure my Positively Powerful Woman Awards would still happen even if I couldn’t do anything myself but let them take it on for me. God bless them all.  But I’m well now and I am happy to say I am a “cancer conqueror” as I don’t like calling myself a “survivor”. For an entrepreneur, self-starter, and positively powerful woman, surrender was a lesson in itself.