I Knew It Was Possible

Saundra Ealy

“I knew it was possible”.  Having an aunt and two first cousins with breast cancer I knew the family history.   But when the diagnosis came back as DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ) I still felt like I was punched.  I kept hearing that I was “lucky”, because they found the cancer early and it had not moved beyond the ductal walls.  But I learned that lucky is relative.  I believe in early detection and active participation in my own health care but the word cancer carries a heavy weight.

I had to learn how to redefine privacy and become a focused member of my health team.  I needed to rely on others when I couldn’t do for myself and to be open to offers of help.

After I was diagnosed, I began to hear of how many other women and men have been touched by breast cancer, which have been diagnosed themselves or traveled the path with a loved one – mother, daughter, sister and friends.  Many of these women have become my angels – they have provided comfort and care along the way.  They have even given me a kick in the rear when I needed it the most.

CBBC has given me a community of support.  But it is my family, especially my husband Craig and our daughter Asha who have provided with me with the strength to keep moving forward despite the word cancer.