There’s Power In Our Voices – Join the Project!

The Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer invites you to participate in “THERE’S POWER IN OUR VOICES!’ project, celebrating the 11th year of the organizations existence. The project is led by CBBC members Denise Johnson, Gina Bowser and De Lois Mix and will help chronicle CBBC’s 11-year history and expand the collection of survivor and supporter stories. With your consent, your story will be included with other profiles in a upcoming CBBC-published book used for outreach purposes, in addition to being added to our website. All personal demographic data will remain confidential. 

Your unique cancer experience and journey will inform and inspire, to soothe fears and offer hope, and promote engagement, encouragement and Involvement in the fight against breast cancer. Your powerful story will shape our future by sharing what you would like to see for the CBBC.

We all know the power of sharing our stories. We hope you will join this project and share your story! Attached is a copy of Gina’s breast cancer survivor profile and Xavier’s supporter profile to use as visuals of what yours might look like. Click one of the Links to complete the questionnaires:


Please also complete the Data for Fundraising questionnaire:

We also appreciate your support and welcome a donation to help our efforts:

What you can expect as you participate:

  • Your answers to a set of Survivor or Supporter questions provide the details of your profile. It takes about 15 -20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  • After submitting your responses, your draft profile will be emailed to you for final review and edits, if desired.
    You will receive a link to complete Part 2: Data for Grant Fundraising. Submitting this information is anonymous and does not connect to your profile.

Thanks in advance for supporting this project.

The CBBC Leadership Team